The “Hammer” series of action crime novels

The “Hammer” series of vigilante justice action crime novels started out with D-E-D, DEAD, continued with Ded Reckoning:Vengeance Takes a Road Trip, and reaches a fiery climax in

Danger Every Direction.

D-E-D, DEAD introduces protagonist Eric “Hammer” Thorssen’s war on meth.

Eric “Hammer” Thorssen has a problem. The outlaw motorcycle club he joined after his stint in the US Navy is manufacturing and selling methamphetamine, as well as using and abusing young women in order to line their pockets with cash.

Hammer’s conscience has finally won the battle, causing him to compile a great deal of information about the club and its criminal enterprises. When he discovers three of the club members abducted and gang-raped a local minister’s runaway daughter, he decides it’s time to take action. Calling a local cop, he anonymously drops the entire bundle in his lap and heads underground.

The results are spectacular, the fallout catastrophic to the club. Hammer is being looked for by the local cops, the feds, as well as his club brothers, who have yet to find out who gave them up.

Hiding at a friend’s farm in southern Tennessee, Hammer hears a car crash into a tree on the old country road behind the bramble patch behind the barn. While investigating the accident, he finds two dead bikers and the evidence of a plot to upset the meth trade in the South for years to come. A tie-in to his own club puts him back on the warpath, joined by his old navy buddy and some locals who have their own reasons for stopping the drug and prostitution rings prevalent in their back yard. Their actions tear the local landscape apart with explosive results.

The action is violent, interspersed with snarky humor and populated with characters you’ll never forget.

DED Reckoning: Vengeance Takes a Road Trip is the long-awaited sequel to D-E-D, DEAD. This second novel follows Eric “Hammer” Thorrsen as he heads west from Alabama in search of distance between himself and the mayhem he initiated, as well as the woman whose heart he broke.

Riding into the San Luis Valley of Colorado in search of a long-postponed visit with his great-uncle Sam seems to be just the ticket for some peace and quiet. The secluded mountain valley is split by the Rio Grande, lush with farms and surrounded by the Rocky Mountains. But there is also evil in these mountains, as he soon discovers.

The deadly scourge of methamphetamine has taken root in this beautiful Alpine valley, and Hammer discovers a childhood playmate is at the heart of the problem. While settling into his new home, Hammer finds out that one of his band of Alabama meth busters is missing and volunteers to help find him. The resulting search leads Hammer to some startling revelations concerning his old childhood playmate. There is plenty of action, interspersed with sexy shenanigans and snarky humor. DED Reckoning: Vengeance Takes a Road Trip is one man’s crusade against evils real and imagined, propelled by high-octane fuel and gunpowder. Join in the action as Hammer and his new band of brothers and sisters once again takes on those who profit from the misery of others. 

Here’s a video of Larry reading an excerpt from the novel at the Colorado Book Awards Finalists’ Reading Series in 2017 at the BookBar in Denver, CO.

Danger Every Direction, the third installment in the “Hammer” series, is set once again in the San Luis Valley of Colorado. A few years have settled Hammer into a more relaxed frame of mind, but when he gets wind of a large meth lab operating in his back yard, as well as news that a new friend’s daughter has been abducted and sold into sexual slavery, he once again goes into attack mode. His wife Patsy, long-time friends Travis and Anita, and some acquaintances old and new join in to help clear their community of evil. This time, the women take matters into their own hands and the results are spectacular. The action is violent, interspersed with snarky humor, sexy situations, and populated with a cast of characters you’ll never forget.

Orders are now being taken for the initial 200-copy signed and numbered special edition.

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