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Over the last five decades plus, I have modified, customized, and built from scratch everything from bicycles to full-on race cars. Motorcycles, trikes, hot rods, and even food trucks have kept me busy and my creative juices flowing. here is some of the “stuff” I’ve built…

My current daily driver… a ’56 Ford Fairlane with lots of mods

A dirt-track themed ’26 Dodge Brothers coupe I built
Oldsmobile Toronado-based trike with 350 cu. in. Olds engine, very fast and stable
rear view of the Toronado trike
Gasser-inspired ’56 Plymouth Belvedere, 440/TF727, fenderwell headers, four post roll cage
Homebuilt trike with one-off fiberglass body, Chevy V6 in rear All work by me, except seats
Prism flake flames…body built and painted by me
Chevy Citation-based trike. V6, FWD K-frame, one-off handbuilt body. All work by me
My first race car…1979, Aztec, NM
2002 Mini-stock Champion at Thunder Valley Speedway, Mosca, CO
2003 Stock Truck Class Ford roundy-rounder. all hand-lettered by me
2004 Hobby Stock car and Enduro Class Champion, Thunder Valley Speedway, Mosca, CO
2005 Super Stock… very fast and lots of fun.
2006 UMP modified…got destroyed by an over-zealous dumbass. (not me) lol
2009 Tough Truck Winter Series 2WD stock class Champion
2002 Yamaha Roadstar…customized and painted by me.
Interior of a food truck I built from scratch for a friend
A local business I lettered Hooper, CO Good Burgers!

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