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Larry Garner is a life-long gear head, a result of being exposed to fast, noisy toys at a young age. He has
designed and built custom cars, motorcycles, and trikes, and has raced both on and off the track on two and four

Starting work at the age of fourteen, he learned many useful skills, including welding and fabrication,
mechanical design, sign-painting, custom auto body and paint, and more.

He also learned the hard way about alcohol, drugs, and violence before, during, and after his service in the US
Navy (the source of his nickname).

This series of novels is a work of fiction, but the action and dark humor ring true. Join in on the craziness and
mayhem as an ex-outlaw biker and his friends  take on those who make and sell the dope ruining so many of our
friends and family, while enslaving young women in their topless bars and prostitution businesses from the Deep
South to  the mountains of Colorado.
D-E-D, DEAD is the tale of a man whose conscience makes him take on his
motorcycle club for their manufacture and sale of crystal meth, coupled
with their use of young girls to fill their pockets with cash. His efforts
leave the club in disarray, members hiding from the law and each other.

It's 1990, before cell phones and the internet. Leaving Virginia with a
vague idea of hiding out at a friend's house in southern Tennessee, he's on
the run, hiding from the club, the cops, and the feds. On a dark, rainy
Tennessee back road, he uncovers a plot to upset the balance of power in
the northern Alabama/southern Tennessee meth trade.

Joined by his old Navy buddy and a small group of locals, including a pair
of strong, capable women, our protagonist is once again plotting ways to
dismantle the club's illegal empire. This time, he has help!

Join in as this crew hits back at those who have ruined the lives of many of
their friends, neighbors, and family.

One thing is certain; people are going to end up dead,
DED Reckoning finds Eric "Hammer" Thorssen, the protagonist from
D-E-D,DEAD, riding around the Mountain West as he winds down from
the battles in the South.

A trip to visit a relative changes his life forever. Newfound friends and
an inheritance cause him to stay longer than he planned.

As he is getting settled in a mountain valley in southern Colorado, his
past catches up with him and he reunites with one of his gang of misfits
from Alabama to take care of some family business.

The mayhem is vicious, the retribution sudden. Snarky humor helps
soften some of the ugliness, as do some attractive women who are
attracted to the strength of the "bad" good guys. The women are
damned strong in their own right, dealing with the real "bad guys" in
their backyard.

Characters abound, and the action is fast and often brutal out on this
road trip.
DED Reckoning is available for advance sales until November 12, 2016. The first 200 copies will be a limited-edition, signed and numbered printing, due for
on 11/12/2016. Get in on this deal before it's too late! See Events and News page for release party details.
Subsequent printings will not have the Limited Edition title page or numbering. This is a special deal for early birds.....Reserve your copy now!
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